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Custom shipping solutions for global clients

UNICENTER is a New York-based fulfillment center helping businesses enter new markets worldwide.

Fulfillment Center Services
We partner with global brands to help them grow while improving their bottom line with convenient, affordable fulfillment services.

UNICENTER operates with the knowledge that no two retailers are the same. You and your business are one of a kind so why wouldn’t you want a fulfillment solution that was too?

At UNICENTER, we will work with you to tailor solutions to your business and maximize your potential. The unique experience we provide to our clients coupled with our affordable rates and effective service model gives our clients that ‘top-notch’ experience they are looking for and deserve.

We truly offer unparalleled convenience and service in the online e-commerce order fulfillment sector.

Fulfillment Center Services
Maximize brand exposure with our multi-channel inventory and order control. This eliminates overselling issues and reduces order cancellations and unnecessary refunds.


We provide fulfillment solutions that allow companies to efficiently and effectively handle a wide range of clients with diverse requirements.

The UNICENTER team comes from backgrounds in health, beauty, cosmetics, sports, footwear, and subscription boxes. There is little in logistics and fulfillment that we haven't previously encountered and solved.

Our success stories demonstrate how UNICENTER delivers for our clients and their customers.

Order fulfillment services for ecommerce in New York.

The ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ Waste Hierarchy

We live by the 'Three R’s' of waste management and believe in following the proper actions: to reduce the amount of waste we generate, to dispose of the waste we produce correctly, and to re-use materials that can be recycled.

UNICENTER aims to aid the global effort to improve the waste management process and better the planet.

One of the most notable ways we aid in conserving natural resources and reducing landfill space and energy consumption is by using recycled paper materials as our packing void fillers. You will see no packing peanuts or styrofoam in our boxes!

Order fulfillment services for ecommerce New York.

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